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Presented by Christian Voice Magazine, the Gospel Music Fan Awards were established to honor the legends, acknowledge accomplishments and recognize fan favorites within the Gospel
music industry. Gospel Music Fan Award recipients are decided upon solely by Gospel music fans and enthusiasts through a two-ballot voting process once annually. This is the second and final ballot listing the top ten nominees in each category. Awards will be given as winners are announced at the 2018 Gospel Music Fan Awards ceremony on Saturday, May 19, 2018, during the 14th annual Gospel Music FanFair at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY.

Terms / Rules
• The awards criteria, rules of election and balloting procedures are established by Christian Voice Magazine editorial staff and management.

• Please select only ONE (1) nominee in each category.

• Ballot must be submitted no later than May 1, 2018 to be counted.

• Only ONE (1) ballot may be submitted.
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2018 Top 10 Ballot
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Christian Voice Gospel Music Fan Awards - 2018 Top 10 Ballot                                                                                                                                                                                        
Troy Burns Family
Sons Family
Perry Sisters
Karen Peck & New River
Porter Family
Singing Cookes
Crossfire Gospel Band
Sunday Drive
Drummond Family
Kindra Cole & New Harvest
Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons
Mercy Mountain Boys
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Primitive Quartet
Heaven's Mountain Band
Mountain Faith
Canaan's Crossing
Living Waters
Bobby Jones Family
Josh & Ashley Franks
Eddie & Sheri Richards
Back Home
South Of Heaven
Oney Family
Violet Maynard Family
Heart To Heart
McKay Project
Terry & Debra Luna
Rene & Edie Jones
Bob & Alta Courtney
Chip & Nikki Headley
Ina & Buddy Gore
Tina Wakefield
Steve Warren
Ava Kasich
Debbie Bennett
Joseph Habedank
Tim Livingston
Dallas Rogers
Tammy Norris
Jonathan Wilburn
John Lanier
Roger Barkley, Jr
Barbara Fairchild
Terry Davis
Chuck Hancock
Kolt Barber
Joy Roberts
Stella Parton
Jim Sheldon
Jimmy Price
Carol Barham
Quintin McGinnis (Soloist)
James Payne (Soloist)
Jeremy Epperson (Meadow Lane)
Del Way (Soloist)
Jerry Scott (Scotts)
Chris Golden (Soloist)
Tim Kinchen (Chronicle)
Bruce Hedrick (Solist)
Greg Sons (Sons Family)
Shane Roark (Roarks)
Kindra Cole (Kindra Cole & New Harvest)
Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)
LizzyG (Soloist)
Ava Kasich (Soloist)
Tina Wakefield (Soloist)
Mary Fay Jackson (Soloist)
Gena Roberts Hamilton (Soloist)
Joy Roberts (Soloist)
Tammy Burns (Soloist)
Chris Freeman (Freemans)
Brad Steele (Steeles)
Tommy Brandt II (Soloist)
Hunter May (Soloist)
Bryson Epperson (Meadow Lane)
Isaac Cole (Soloist)
Nate Fortner (Soloist)
Bo Drummond (Drummond Family)
Greg Sons (Sons Family)
Joseph Habedank (Soloist)
Shellem Cline (Soloist)
Heather Thomas Van Deren (Soloist)
Janine Norton (Nortons)
Hope Bowling (Bowling Family)
Macy Dorris (Glad Heart)
Kristi Miller (Soloist)
Brooke Pruitt (Pruitts)
Anais Epperson (Meadow Lane)
Kindra Cole (Kindra Cole & New Harvest)
Gemma Adams (Soloist)
Heather Chapple (Soloist)
Blood Bought
Family Heritage
Rescued (formerly known as Heart To Heart Trio)
Wells Family
Keith Barkley & Family Tradition
Jordan's River
Oxendine Family
Crossfire Gospel Band
Mercy Mountain Boys
McKay Project
Brooks Crossing
Trinity Heirs
Bates Family
Reed Brothers
Westward Road
Heaven's Mountain Band
Mountain Faith
Living Water
Weaver Believer Survival Revival
Stevens Family
Breaking Glass
Bobby Jones Family
Eagles Wings
Buddy Jewell
Barbara Fairchild
Marty Raybon
Stella Parton
T Graham Brown
Steve Warren
Chuck Day
Freddie Hart
Kolt Barber
Aaron Wilburn
Barry McGee
Bob Courtney
Dennis Swanberg
Rod Allison
Chonda Pierce
Mark Lowry
Tim Lovelace
LuLu Roman
Kenny Lee Robinson
Crossfire Gospel Band
Canaan's Crossing
Paul family
Singing Cookes
Mercy Mountain Boys
Kevin Rowe & Prodigal Sons
Rocky Smith (4 The Right Reason)
Shane Roark (Roarks)
Terry Scott (Scotts)
Jonathan Shepherd (Shepherds)
Roger Barkley Jr (Soloist)
Jesse Paul (Paul Family)
Tommy Brandt II (Soloist)
Darrell Frizsell (Soloist)
Dusty Treece (Sunday Drive)
Josh Paul (Paul Family)
Rocky Smith
Ava Kasich
James Payne
Chuck Day
Debra Shepherd
Shane Roark
Gerald Crabb
Tammy Jones Robinnette
Larry Petree
Jeff Steele
God, Family, And Country (Steve Warren)
Together Again (Drummond Family)
Looking Back (Ava Kasich)
Heaven Is Real (Cupps)
Good Ole Days (Roger Barkley Jr)
Love Always Leaves A Mark (James Payne)
Prodigals (Steeles)
This Time Around (Sons Family)
Choices (Joy Roberts)
In God We Trust (Troy Burns Family)
Let Me Live (Joy Roberts)
Love Is The Golden Rule (Michael English)
Hope For All Nations (Karen Peck & New River)
Pure & Simple Vol. 2 (Gaither Vocal Band)
Old School (Jim Sheldon)
I'm From The U.S. Of A. (Roger Barkley Jr)
I Can't Erase The Message (Tim Livingston)
Clear Skies (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
Sunday Morn (Phil 'Gunner' Carr)
God Of The Storm (Freemans)
It Still Takes The Blood (Freemans)
Hope For All Nations (Karen Peck & New River)
Good God (Gena Roberts Hamilton)
Walk Around Heaven (Sons Family)
When The Sun Of Life Goes Down (Waymasters)
The Flag (James Payne)
Hold Him In Heaven (Barbara Fairchild)
The River Runs Red (Ava Kasich)
Prodigals (Steeles)
I Tell Them Jesus (Hyssongs)
Camp Meeting Radio (Cookeville, TN)
WRCG AM 1420 (Columbus, GA)
HLE Radio (Jennings, LA)
WCGW 770-AM (Lexington, KY)
King of Kings Radio Network (Somerset, KY)
WGNZ 1110 AM (Dayton, OH)
Heaven’s Country (Bayfield, CO)
WCKB 780 AM (Dunn, NC)
WFLQ 100.1 FM (French Lick, IN)
SonLife Radio Network (Baton Rouge, LA)
Greg Dodson (Camp Meeting Radio - Cookeville, TN)
Tim Livingston (WGNZ 1110 AM - Dayton, OH)
Hunter Logan (HLE Radio - Jennings, LA)
Paul Heil (The Gospel Greats, Syndicated - Lancaster, PA )
Lottie Squires (WCKB 780 AM/97.7 FM - Dunn, NC)
Jim Foster (WRCG AM 1420 - Columbus, GA)
Bruce Edwards (WCGW 770 AM/93.3 FM - Lexington, KY)
Randall Hamm (WFLQ 100.1 FM - French Lick, IN)
Marty Smith (Today’s Cross Country - Durango, CO)
Mike Stankovic (WFHB - Bloomington, IN)
Gospel Music Today (Hosted by Ken & Jean Grady)
Living Waters (Hosted by Gabriel Swaggart)
Great American Gospel (Hosted by Ed ‘O Neal)
Texas Country Gospel (Hosted by Mary Fay Jackson)
Music City Show (Hosted by Tim Lovelace)
Country Gospel Celebration (Hosted by Eddie Gordon)
Gaither Gospel Hour (Hosted by Bill & Gloria Gaither)
Larry’s Country Diner (Hosted by Larry Black)
Huckabee (Hosted by Mike Huckabee)
Frances & Friends (Hosted by Frances Swaggart)
David Livingston (Lo Records)
Perry Edge (Double E Promotions)
Les Butler (Butler Music Group)
Randall Wilds (Millennium Music Group)
Richard Hyssong (Chapel Valley Music)
Pauline Patterson (Patterson Promotions)
Jeff O’Neal (Heritage Communications)
Mary Lu Gregg (MLG Promotions)
Tommy Smith (Canyon Creek Records)
Jessica Huddleston (Jessica Huddleston Promotions)
Bill Bailey (Bill Bailey Concerts)
Ray Flynn (Abraham Productions)
Travis Roark (Sonshine Promotions)
Bill Gaither (Gaither Productions)
Rob Patz (Coastal Media)
Paul Pitts (Global Promotions)
Dillard & Linda Hudgins (Northeast Georgia Promotions)
Chris & Deon Unthank (Absolutely Gospel)
Alisa Asbury (Sweet Southern Entertainment)
Randall Wilds (Wilds & Associates)
Tommy Smith
Shane Roark
Tommy Brandt
Dennis McKay
Jeff Napier
Rocky Smith
Chuck Day
Eddie Swann
Scott Godsey
Gene Breeden
Marilyn Duncan
Travis Roark
Jessica Huddleston
Lorraine Walker
Anna Smith
Royel Clark
Terry Beene
Donna Hale
Troy Cupp
Nancy Brock
Stella Parton
Gerald Crabb
Tommy Smith
Barbara Fairchild
Chuck Day
Dan Duncan
Ann Downing
Leta Stroud
Billy Hale
James Payne

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